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04 Jul 2018 Gardeners see increase in invasive weeds and plants in spring 2018
27 Jun 2018 Nearly half of all gardeners want to spend less time weeding their garden
05 Jul 2017
02 Feb 2017 New Common Sense Gardening Website Launched
01 Jul 2016 Common Sense Gardening Group statement on glyphosate licence extension
22 Mar 2016 Top Pest And Disease List Highlights Pressures Likely To Be Faced By Gardeners Following Mild Winter
30 Oct 2015 Common Sense Gardening Group - Putting IARC classifications in perspective
28 Jul 2015 FAQs on IARC classification of glyphosate
25 Jun 2015 Common Sense Gardening Group response to IARC classification of 2,4-D
12 Mar 2015 Slug invasion - advice on the safe control of garden slugs
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