New Common Sense Gardening Website Launched

The Common Sense Gardening Group of the Crop Protection Association has launched a new website designed to provide gardeners and retailers with advice on how to use, store and dispose of garden care chemicals safely.

The website - - now features new animations giving advice on effective weed control, the safe spraying of garden insecticides and the control of garden slugs. As well as the new animations the website will include sections explaining the different kinds of garden care chemicals, advice on how to minimise any risk to the environment and wildlife and on safe use and disposal.

Common Sense Gardening Group Chairman Gary Philpotts said;

“I hope our new website reaches as wide an audience as possible. From the keen gardener looking for advice on how to safely deal with slugs, to the new home owner wondering how to control weeds in their first garden, through to the garden owner concerned about insecticides and bee health, we hope this site will be a valuable and informative resource.

“Garden plant protection products play an important role in creating and maintaining a healthy and diverse garden. They are part of an integrated approach to pest, weed and disease control that considers alternative methods where and when appropriate.”

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A tool for gardeners/householders to find their nearest household waste site, where garden care chemicals (pesticides) can be disposed safely.

The HTA is the go to resources for garden retailers, growers, manufacturers and landscapers.

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