Golden Rules for Garden Care Product Disposal

Do It Safely Always read the label: Use Garden Care Products safely. Protect yourself and your environment.

What is the best way to dispose of old or unwanted Garden Care Chemical products or products that have had their approval withdrawn?

These products should be disposed of through your local waste authority (County Council or Unitary Council). Your local council can advise on household waste sites that will accept garden chemicals.
Never dispose of unwanted product down household sinks, lavatories or drains.

Check our disposal website for details of where you can dispose of your unwanted garden care chemicals.

Note: Garden Care Chemicals that have had their approval withdrawn are given a season/year in which to be used up and do not represent a danger to the public if used up according to label advice.

What is the best way to dispose of surplus dilute solution?

Use up surplus diluted product in the garden for the purpose recommended on the label.

Never dispose of unwanted dilute spray solution down household sinks, lavatories or drains, or near ponds, streams or marshy areas, ditches or wildlife habitats.

Can I store diluted product for later use?

No. Diluted concentrate products when left in a shed/garage can lose effectiveness and could be a danger for children and wildlife. Choose Ready to Use products if you only need to use a little at a time as they are stable, easy to store , and convenient.

How can I minimise waste?

Only buy enough product for the current season . When preparing a diluted solution from a concentrate only make up just enough product to do the job. 
For small areas purchase Ready-to-Use products that can be stored after partial use and then re-used until empty.

What about empty concentrate and Ready to Use containers?

Empty concentrate containers should be rinsed three times and disposed in the normal household waste.  Empty Ready to Use containers can now be disposed directly into household recycling waste  

Never dispose of unwanted solution or rinsings down household sinks, lavatories or drains, or near ponds, streams or marshy areas, ditches or wildlife habitats. 

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