Sow Those Veg!

Spring has sprung which means that April is a very busy time in the garden for planting those veg. There are lots of seeds can be sown this month, and, as the weather warms up, you can start sowing some crops outside.


Easy-PEAsy! A simple veg to grow and will be ready in early in summer. Sow them direct outside.

Aubergines, chillies and tomatoes

Due to the time it takes to grow Aubergines, chillies and tomatoes, this is your final chance to sow these seeds. 


Taking 3-4 months to grow, carrots are a great choice ahead of the summer. Ensure that you sow the carrots on well-prepared soil that is free of stones.


This winter veg is a slow burner, so get planting now ready for an autumn/winter harvest. Transfer the seedlings to individual pots when they are large enough to handle.

Courgettes, marrow, squashes, cucumbers and pumpkins

Once the season is free from frost, plant these luscious veg in individual 5cm pots, under cover. Plant these outside apart from cucumbers, which often prefer to keep warm in a greenhouse.


Not only does Beetroot taste great, it’s also an easy vegetable to grow. Perfect for gardeners of all abilities. It grows well in containers as well as in the soil (just make sure the soil is well-drained and fertile). Be sure to read the planting instructions on the back of the packet and thin the seedlings to about 10cm when they are around 3cm high.


Sow into trays and keep covered in April, and they’ll be ready in the autumn.


Preferring the warmer Spring weather, Spinach can be sown directly outside in April. Remember to ensure it is well watered and is protected from slugs and snails.


Like leeks, lettuce is best sown under cover in April then you can transplant them outside later in spring.


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