Safe Control Of Slugs And Snails

Slugs and snails are often recorded by the Royal Horticultural Society as the number one pest problem in UK gardens. Natural predators like birds, frogs, ground beetles etc can help to control them and should be encouraged in the garden. Something as simple as a pile of rotting logs will entice them in

When you have a problem a range of options are available for the gardener to control slugs such as beer traps, copper tape round pots, parasitic nematodes, various physical barriers and slug pellets.

Slug pellets are quick acting, highly effective, easy to use, and are safe when used and stored according to label instructions.  Slug pellets can continue working up to 14 days but in wet weather repeat treatments may be needed.

 When using slug pellets:

  • Apply according to label instructions.
  • Avoid over application. Pellets should be scattered thinly and applied evenly. Never apply in heaps.
  • Only apply around the plants that need to be protected. In practice most of the garden will be untreated.
  • Store the product securely away from children and pets.
  • Do not buy more product then can be used in one season.
  • Details of how to dispose of any unwanted slug pellets can be found on this website under the section ‘Safe Use and Disposal’.

If ingestion is suspected for a pet then veterinary advice should be sought immediately. Take the product packaging with you to aid diagnosis and treatment.

Used as directed, Ferric Phosphate slug pellets pose no risk to children or pets.

For further information see our leaflet ‘Safe control of Garden Slugs