Vegetable Seeds to Sow in November

Though it’s cold outside, there are some vegetable seeds that you can sow now.

To increase your chances of success, try sowing seeds in a heated propagator or greenhouse. 

Broad beans - Broad beans can be sown in the ground in autumn or alternatively in pots.

Salad leaves - Salad leaves like mizuna, mustard and spinach are an easy win. Try sowing indoors on a bright windowsill for winter pickings.

Spring onion - Hardier varieties of spring onion, such as ‘Performer’, can be sown in autumn for winter and spring harvests. It does well in pots, making protecting the young plants easier, too. Protect in a greenhouse or with cloches.

Peas - Sow first early peas like ‘Meteor’ and ‘Kelvedon Wonder’ in autumn to overwinter, providing harvests in early spring. Protect the peas from slugs, birds and mice by growing in covered containers.

Chillis - Chilli peppers, such as ‘Apache’ and ‘Medusa’ can be sown anytime of year, to be grown indoors on the windowsill. In November, when the days are shorter, you’ll want to provide them with warmth, and the brightest spot possible.

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