‘Huge impact on your mood’: How gardening improves mental health - ‘feel more positive'

Gardening is known for a number of positive benefits. According to a recent survey, conducted by Rhino Greenhouse Direct, 70 percent of people say spending time in the garden helped their mental health during 2020 and 2021.

Over the last few months, Britons have embraced their gardens like never before. Offering a crucial escape from the confines of the house, and providing some much-needed space and fresh air, gardens have helped many to get through the lockdown and adjust to the new world we find ourselves in. Anyone considering using the time to venture into their gardens will find many potential rewards. So why is gardening so good for our mental wellbeing?

Gardening experts at Rhino Greenhouses Direct have shared five reasons why gardening is “so good” for your mental wellbeing.


It’s well known that exercise is good for mental health. Exercise causes the brain to release endorphins. These ‘happy chemicals’ can have a huge impact on your mood and help you feel more positive. 

While spending an hour in the garden isn’t quite the same as going for a run or hitting the gym, the gardening experts explained that it does still burn a “considerable number of calories”.

“This will encourage your body to release endorphins and help keep you active during the lockdown.”

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