In The Current Environment, Gardening Should Be Seen As A Safe And Enjoyable Pastime For The Entire Family.

Gary Philpotts, chair of the Common Sense Gardening Group responds to the latest PAN UK campaign

In response to the latest PAN UK campaign, Gary Philpotts, chair of the Common Sense Gardening Group said: “Our gardens often face a number of pest, weed and disease problems. Garden care products, as part of an integrated approach, offer an efficient, safe and effective solution for many of these issues.

“Human health and the responsible use of garden care chemicals is our highest priority. All products are thoroughly assessed by independent expert regulators who take their responsibility to protect human health and the environment incredibly seriously. The only control products available for retailers to sell are regulated in this way.

“We believe retailers should be free to offer their customers a choice of those products available, rather than being swayed by fearmongering. Customers and retailers should trust in the regulatory process and the science, which ensures the products available on their shelves offer safe and effective solutions to many common garden problems.

"In the current environment, gardening should be seen as a safe and enjoyable pastime for the entire family."