Thinking of growing your own vegetables but not sure where to start?

Here is a small selection of easy-to-grow vegetables.


Leave your potatoes in a cool, bright place to start sprouting shoots. When they’re ready, plant them either in a deep trench in the ground (about 8 inches) or in a container. When you start to see leaves, cover them up with more soil, and keep repeating this process until the plants flower. Your potatoes will be ready to harvest once the flowers have died back.


Dwarf french beans are compact plants, making them a brilliant choice if you don’t have much space. They don’t need protection from birds and you can get away without giving them any supports. Sow seeds in compost and plant them out when they reach 15-20cm tall. These would even be at home within your flower beds.


Courgettes are one of the easiest vegetables to grow from seed. Just one plant can easily supply you with enough harvest – plant more and you’ll probably end up looking for creative recipes involving courgettes!

Plant one seed per pot, and plant out when they are about 10cm tall and look nice and sturdy.


Runner beans are climbing plants, so they will need some support – garden canes made into a wigwam shape are perfect they don’t take up much space. You can start runner beans off in pots or plant the seeds straight into the ground.  Train the plant up the support as it grows, pinching out the top when they reach the top of the support.


You can grow tomatoes from seed or buy small plants from garden centres. If you grow from seed you will need to sit the pots on a warm, bright windowsill until your seedlings are established. Tomatoes can be in the ground or a container.

Did you know you can plant tomatoes in hanging baskets?

Some varieties of tomatoes are well suited to growing in hanging baskets, and this space-saving display is perfect for small gardens and balconies, especially if you want to try your hand at growing fruit and veg. Choose a sunny, sheltered site for your tomato hanging basket and keep plants well-watered. Within weeks you’ll have lush plants full with cherry fruits ready for the salad bowl.