Big Bee Challenge Weekend < Back

31st July - 1st August 2021

Help keep the bees buzzing, by getting involved with Radio 2’s Big Bee Challenge Weekend.

Tim Peak Bigbeechallenge

IMAGE: Tim Peake has been doing his bit for our Big Bee Challenge

This summer we've been challenging the nation to help save the bees! Our world would look very different without our buzzing buddies. They're vital for a lot of the food we eat: imagine no apples, tomatoes, coffee or chocolate. Our countryside and gardens would be far less beautiful because bees pollinate our flowers too.

But our bees are in trouble. As we’ve built more roads and houses, used more pesticides and changed how we farm, these precious insects are in decline. Thirteen species in the UK have become extinct, with many more in danger. But there are things we can ALL do to help.

On Radio 2's Big Bee Challenge Weekend we're calling on EVERYONE to get out there and do ONE thing in our gardens, backyards, pots and balconies to help our precious pollinators.

We'll have plenty of ideas, tips and activities to help you get involved, including where to go on a bee safari, and our presenters will be doing their bit too!