Best Practice

You can have a beautiful blooming verdant garden if you keep it simple and follow a few basic rules. Garden Care Products are safe to the user and the environment provided that they are stored properly, used according to the label and disposed of correctly

  • Choose the right product for the problem. Seek advice from sales staff or company helplines if unsure.
  • Don't buy more than you need.
  • Always read the label and apply as directed.
  • Choose a safe place to mix Garden Care Chemical products such as a level path or drive, away from drains or watercourses. Do not mix garden products indoors.
  • Check whether the label specifies an interval required between spraying and harvesting fruit and vegetables.
  • Use well maintained equipment which does not leak. Wash equipment out thoroughly before and after application, taking care to dispose of the washings safely. (either on ground not to be used for fruit and vegetables for at least 12 months or onto gravel away from drains or water courses. Weedkillers are best disposed on gravel as some products have a long lasting effect).
  • Spray in early morning or late evening when beneficial insects are not foraging.
  • Spray when there is little or no wind to avoid spray drifting to other areas.
  • Slug pellets should be applied sparingly as directed.
  • Observe any label instructions regarding children and pets.
  • Do not eat, smoke or drink while applying products.