Aphids on your Roses

One of the most common problems with roses is Aphids.

Blooming Roseweb

Aphids are sap sucking insects like greenfly and blackfly and can be found during spring and summer.

Check roses regularly from spring onwards so action can be taken before a damaging population has developed.

Can you see…

  • green or pink insects on the flower buds, shoot tips and young foliage?
  • flower buds and foliage covered in a sticky honeydew?
  • black sooty moulds growing on the honeydew?

When choosing control options you can minimise harm to non-target animals by starting with the methods in the non-pesticide control section. Ladybirds are one of the main aphid predators so if you have any in your garden, this is a great way to control the aphid population. If this is not sufficient to reduce damage to acceptable levels then you may choose to use pesticides.