How to deter wasps from your garden

Of all the plants in the garden, the sweetest varieties are most prone to wasp attacks.

These stinging insects are most active towards the end of summer, when the population is at its highest and their attention turns to searching for food.

Strawberries, plums and nectarines are easy to feast on due to their soft texture, but even hard fruits can be vulnerable to wasps, especially once a bird has cleared a way past the outer skin.

Celebrity gardener David Domoney recommends using fresh herbs to deter wasps without harsh chemicals interfering with your plants.

Fragrant varieties including wormwood, basil, spearmint and thyme are great deterrents and can be used in the kitchen too.

Marigolds and geraniums placed near your trees and shrubs should also work to keep these flying insects away from sweet, ripe fruits.