Introduction To Garden Care Products

The term Garden Care Products is used to describe a group of chemical products that control problems in the home and garden, such as weeds, moss, insects, fungal diseases, rats, ants and slugs.

Products are either Ready to Use (RTU) or concentrates requiring dilution.

RTU products, are ready for immediate use and can be used several times until finished. There is no waste or need for disposal and the products are usually either powders (ants), pellets (slugs, rats, mice), trigger spray guns (weeds, fungi, insects) or impregnated fertiliser granules (lawn).  

Concentrate products are more cost effective for larger areas and are generally available as either weedkillers, insecticides or fungicides.  .

All these products have been vigorously tested and are highly regulated by the Chemicals Regulation Directorate (CRD). Used according to the label instructions, Garden Care Products are safe to the user and the environment.

Garden Care Products used according to the label are designed for sustainable use in the garden and will not cause any significant adverse effects to wildlife. Product labels indicate any potential risks that need to be avoided  e.g application near a garden pond.

Gardens contain plants from all over the world and need to be managed. A well managed garden will have more biodiversity than a garden left to go wild. Garden Care Products are one tool amongst many to help you manage your garden.

With sensible use these products enable a garden to support more plants in a healthier condition.