Tackling weeds in your garden 

Helpful, friendly advice on tackling those pesky weeds!

One area at a time

Tackle one area at a time. Once a day or once a week for however long you have, it will get the job done! Carry a bucket round with you to put the weeds in.

Next time you see a weed in your garden, stop what you are doing and remove the seed head. You may not have time to dig out the root, but you will stop it from spreading.

Using weed control

Rather than spraying weed control and risking the health and life of your beloved plants, you could use a paintbrush to paint weed control onto the unwanted weeds within your beds or boarders.

Lastly, give yourself time to relax

Weeds will always be around and you need to accept that. Instead of focusing on tackling weeds all the time, focus on your amazing garden and what you have achieved.