Bees And Gardens

Bees are vitally important to all of us as pollinators of crops and flowers. Gardens provide a place where bees can forage and find pollen and nectar. Bee health is affected by a variety of factors with key threats identified as habitat loss, climate change, viruses and diseases. For the honeybee the Varroa mite has been identified as the most significant factor

Provided approved garden care chemicals are used as directed on the label, they will not pose a problem to bee health.

To bee responsible  

  • Always read the label and follow the instructions exactly.
  • Do not spray when bees are about. It’s better to apply early morning or in the evening when bees are less active.
  • Do not spray directly open blooms.

Be pro-active to help bees thrive.

  • Plant pollen and nectar rich species. Go to to get advice on plants that support pollinating insects.
  • Scatter wildflower seeds onto a patch of bare soil to create a wildlife area.
  • Plant early season flowering plants to provide forage in Spring.