Gardening in August

August is often one of the hottest and driest months of the year, reliably bringing the summer to a glorious close.

An abundance of warm and dry weather means that there is a lot to do to keep our gardens looking at their best. Watering becomes a critical activity as we give plants a helping hand in the heat, the vegetable patch is cropping heavily, and the lawn is in full use as a place to relax in the sun.

Things to do this month
  • Have a watering plan in place if you are going away. Ask friends, family and neighbours to pop in, or set up an automatic watering system.

  • Containers are especially vulnerable in hot weather as the plants in them have less soil from which to obtain water.

  • Keep paths looking good by dealing with any weeds that appear between the cracks.

  • Turn the compost heap. Keep it active, keep adding to it, and enjoy the many benefits that homemade compost will bring to your garden.

  • Leave a pile of twigs and seeds heads aside for wildlife to feast upon before they hibernate in the autumn.

  • Trim hedges before their growth slows in the autumn.

  • Pick pretty flowers, such as Dahlias, for displaying in the home or as a gift to a neighbour or friend.

  • Top up bird baths and ponds. Water will evaporate quickly in the heat of summer.

  • Make sure you have found time to sit back and relax in your beautiful garden!