Gardening in July

We never know quite what the weather will be like in July, so when the sun shines, take every opportunity to get out and enjoy your garden!

Things to do this month
  • Open greenhouse doors and vents on hot days.
  • Water plants regularly during dry periods, watering in the mornings or evenings to reduce water loss through evaporation.
  • Water rhododendrons and camellias regularly in dry spells, as they are developing the buds for next year’s flowers now.
  • Keep ponds clear of weeds and topped up.
  • Keep feeding wild birds with suitable bird food as they rely on us for food all year.
  • Wild birds may be short of natural water supplies, so keep bird baths topped up.
  • Add waterlilies and floating aquatic plants to help provide shade and keep water cooler.
  • Only give your fish enough food that they can finish within a few minutes and remove any uneaten food.
  • Prune wisteria, cutting back the long whippy shoots to about 5 leaves from the main branches.
  • Deadhead repeat-flowering roses to keep the flowers coming.
  • Treat paths and drives with a path weedkiller to kill existing weeds and prevent new ones appearing.
  • If you are going away on holiday for a short period, water your houseplants well before you go and move them into a cool location away from bright sunlight to stop them drying out.

What vegetables to plant in July