Gardening in June

June is the beginning of summer and you should now start to see the results of all the work done earlier in the year.

Things to do this month

  • Make some time to sit and enjoy your garden.
  • Fire up the barbecue and enjoy some al fresco dining whenever the weather allows.
  • Plant out all your bedding and other half-hardy summer-flowering plants – as soon as the fear of frosts and cold nights has passed.
  • Turn the compost in your bin to keep it well aerated.
  • Water container plants regularly - probably daily, depending on the weather.
  • Check plants regularly to see if they need watering. If they do, give them a thorough soaking.
  • Feed wild birds daily with suitable bird food. They rely on us for food all year round.
  • Keep secateurs and hoe blades sharp, so they cut well. Always have a tool sharpener handy.
  • Remove algae and blanket weed from ponds to stop them taking over and choking them.
  • Keep bird baths topped up with water as birds need a daily supply of fresh water.
  • Clean tools with an oily rag after use to keep them clean, looking good and prevent rusting.
  • Check plants regularly for pests and diseases and deal with them before they get out of control.

What Vegetables to plant in June?