Reasons to Grow Sunflowers

Sunflowers are one of the easiest plants to grow and they create such an impact in the garden.


They grow and bloom so quickly. They are a great plant to encourage children to get planting.

Don’t have a big space?

If you don’t have a large space, sunflowers can be grown in pots. The best variety to grow in pots are called Dwarf Sunflowers. They are quite simply, a smaller variety growing to about 14” tall with blooms around 6” in diameter. They make for excellent displays in your home and fabulous gifts. Sunflowers tend to bloom around 12 weeks after seeds are sown.

Reasons to Grow Sunflowers

  1. Feed your Pollinators

The centre of the sunflower houses hundreds of tiny individual florets that contain nectar and pollen, an excellent food source for bees.

  1. Beautiful Cut Flowers

The stunning sunflower blooms are not only pretty and brighten the garden, but also make gorgeous cut flowers.

  1. Attract Birds to your Garden

When the sunflowers are well-formed and the heads begin to dry, cut off the head to collect the seeds and pop them in a bird feeder. Some birds will also use parts of the Sunflower stem for nesting material. Remember to keep your bird bath topped up so they always have access to water. If you have chickens they LOVE sunflower seeds too. Just throw the flower heads into their chicken coop for them to self-serve.