Save hedgehogs coming out of hibernation by giving them ‘room to roam’, urges wildlife expert

As hedgehogs come out of hibernation, those with gardens can make sure they have plenty of room to roam

This Hedgehog Awareness Week (1st-7th May), wildlife expert Sean McMenemy is urging the UK public not to neglect hedgehogs by creating ‘hedgehog highways’ in the garden.

Wildlife experts are encouraging the public to look out for hedgehogs by creating hedgehog highways, so they have enough room to roam during this critical time of year when they are leaving hibernation.

Hedgehog highways
Hedgehog highways are 5-inch gaps in fences that help prevent the accidental trapping of hedgehogs by allowing access between gardens.

Hedgehogs naturally roam through many different gardens whilst foraging for food, finding mates and seeking out shelter.

The lovable creatures are named on The Mammal Societies Red List of endangered mammals. Since 2007, numbers of wild hedgehogs in the UK have halved, and there are now thought to be fewer than a million left in the UK.

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