Watch out for wildlife when cutting your lawn

Don't forget to check for sleeping hedgehogs!

Please be really careful, especially if you have a long patch of grass. Check carefully round the edges that there isn't a sleeping hedgehog before using garden equipment. Check all the edges, not only for hedgehogs but also amphibians, slow worms and anything which might be in a wildlife friendly garden, before mowing.
If you spot a lone baby hoglet in your garden it's likely to be an orphan, so it's always recommended to call your local rescue centre straight away.
Many hedgehogs get very ill from dehydration and can drown falling into rivers, streams and ponds looking for a drink. If you have a pond make sure you put something in there for any struggling wildlife to climb out on.

Why not get a hedgehog house or bug hotel

Hedgehog homes are readily available and carefully designed to keep the hedgehogs away from predators and protected during hibernation.

A bug hotel is a sheltered purpose built structure that provides a safe environment for bugs to live in. Bug hotels are a great project for children to be involved in and learn more about their natural environment.