Water And Aquatic Wildlife

To protect your water and aquatic wildlife gardeners need to be aware of how to prevent any water pollution arising from the incorrect disposal of garden care chemicals.

Water companies are required to supply wholesome drinking water at the customers tap and these companies are working to reduce all raw water pollution.  Water in UK is abstracted from rivers and in some cases pollutants need to be removed before the water can be supplied for domestic consumption. This includes all plant protection chemicals including garden care chemicals.

You can play your part by:

  • Never disposing of unwanted product, diluted product or rinsings in drains, ditches or ponds.
  • Being aware of any ditches and watercourses and never applying a chemical product close to or in the ditch or watercourse.

For further information see our leaflet ‘Safe Use and Disposal of Garden Chemicals’ a joint initiative between the Common Sense Gardening Group , National Allotment Society and Water UK.