What to do in the garden in February

Gardening can be done all year round depending on weather conditions across the UK. There are no rules set in stone, everything is guidance.

Weather pending!

The weather plays a big part in what should be planted, pruned, or left alone. Also, when looking at guidance, consider your garden. Is it sheltered? exposed? south-facing? north-facing?

If your garden is sheltered, more can be done earlier, but if your garden is exposed, you may need to wait until later in February or even early March.

Things to do:

  • Prune Clematis, please look at LoveTheGarden's guide, Passion-Flower, Wisteria, please look at LoveTheGarden's guide, Hydrangea, Buddleia, Climbing and Bush roses.
  • Sow these vegetables seed under glass with extra heat and light.
  • Some vegetables can be sown outside now, despite the cold weather.
  • Remove heavy snow from shrubs and trees so that the weight does not snap branches.
  • Keep bird baths clean and topped up with water.